Life Will Rock You, Guaranteed.


This is a lesson in being careful what you ask for.

Have you noticed that more often than not, when one decides to dedicate themselves to the pursuit of spiritual growth– be it toward a specific faith or generally seeking enlightenment – life throws a massive curveball?

It is because you seek. Seeking truth. Seeking connection with the spirit. Seeking authenticity. Seeking faith. When you live like this, you call in to existence more of that which you seek. That’s when you discover a new author, have a meditative breakthrough, or attend a needed lecture with a friend. You open your heart and spirit to receive these lessons.

(Un)fortunately what you also do is invite in to your consciousness circumstances that test you. These are meant to reinforce and illustrate the power of that which you seek.

Within everyday life we find comfort in routines, in friendships, in our work, in community associations and in family. When you commit to pursuing your higher self, you will experience at some point discomfort or dis-ease in many areas of life simultaneously.

For example you might find that your aunt and uncle died tragically in a car accident, then a few days later find out your grandmother has cancer, then find out that five people at work are leaving in the same month, your cat dies, and then you argue with your best friend and significant other at the same time.

When at last you have nothing left to comfort you – no family, no friends, no pets, nothing at all to rely upon – only then do you understand and find true faith.

Through tribulation you learn to yield to the belief in the universe/spirit/god to deliver and to be that source of comfort and encouragement through the dark and troubled times. When at last you have nothing more and nothing less to stand upon and every step you take feels like you are walking on a window pane, you discover there is nowhere more perfect, more healthy, or more safe than in the power of faith and resolve.

Ask to seek faith and truth, and you shall receive through experience.


Have an experience that taught you faith? I’d love to hear about it! Leave a comment or tweet me at @_y0ungin, or connect with me on facebook.

Flexing our spirit muscles daily. By changing ourselves we change the world… one day at a time. Life is Everyday Choices.

Author: Heather Young

Life Coach

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