What I live for: Empowerment, Synergy, Voice, and Engagement.

power in your hands

If you follow my blog or read any of my posts you will definitely see the words “paradigm,” “empowerment,” “voice,” “manifest,” “synergy,” and “engagement” a lot, I mean a lot lot.

The reason is that these are my favorite words. I love these words so much that I choose to dedicate my life to these ideals every day.

That’s what Everyday Choices is all about. It is about maximizing your experiences in life and figuring out a way to live life to the fullest no matter where you are in your career, physically, or emotionally. Life is about creating MORE of what makes you happy with what you have right now.

If any of these words resonate with you, know you’re in good company.

Everyone needs someone on their team to support, encourage, create community, and help activate your potential. That is literally what I live for. Life is Everyday Choices!


Author: Heather Young

Life Coach

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