Tips for Building a Successful Life


I am an achiever who used to be afraid of success.

Sometimes I think that I was fearful to really explore what I was good at because in so doing, I would simultaneously find out what I was not good at, thus admitting to myself and others that I was not perfect. So rather than spending energy in a few fabulously productive ways, I would teeter between many things, hoping to be surprised at how amazing I could be at some random thing rather than knowing with certainty through trial and error what I was naturally gifted with. Looking back I know I wasted time and energy.

I’ve said it before, taking interest in self-help is an act of bravery and self-love. In my opinion it comes from being able to trust yourself with the knowledge of your own faults and flaws. It is easy to state the precept “nobody’s perfect” on a superficial level, but to dig deeper and see the ways in which we are not perfect can be terrifying and will often halt people in their tracks. At least, that’s what happened with me.

Self-help and self-discovery is exploratory and is a progression. If we stop during the first step and become mired in depression, talking down to ourselves, and hyper-focusing on our imperfections, we do not give ourselves permission to continue on to the next half of the step which is recognition of strengths and learning how to really love oneself despite the imperfections. We learn to embrace our limitations and turn toward focusing on ways we can activate our positive traits more often than not while experiencing the liberating feelings of letting go of freedom and building a partnership with trust.

My world is changing daily; each day more profoundly than the previous because I choose each day to focus not on my flaws but on my strengths and I try to step in to those strengths over and over again. When I feel myself slipping out of my zone, I try to re-focus and realign.

Success is a reflection of self-love.

I can’t tell you how great this new approach feels, let alone the gain socially, professionally, and financially. Yes there are days where I’m stretched and challenged, but I recognize this as growth and confirmation in direction. Each day gets a little easier being more me. Each day I am more successful than the day before.

Do you share a similar experience? Have you struggled with your relationship with success? Are you living passively, afraid of putting your feet in the ground? Stay focused, open your heart, and reach in to yourself. You are stronger than you know.

By changing ourselves we can change the world, one day at a time. Life is Everyday Choices.

Author: Heather Young

Life Coach

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