Are You Really Free?


I feel like in this day and age we are all born with a high degree of freedom – we don’t sleep in huts, we don’t forage for food, we do not toil in the fields – in which we have more options and choices now than any other time in history. We can choose what we want when we want it and have access to all of the creativity that comes with that power.

There is a selfish freedom, and there is selfless freedom, or, inspired freedom. Inspired freedom is having the ability to know how you want to contribute to the world and that you always have the power to choose and create and make it exist. If you wanted to you could choose to start a new career at any time or had access to learn about anything you wanted at any given time so you could teach yourself how. You can also create what you do not yet see but are willing to call forth from within yourself. And the best part is that you can change any time you want to. If you tire it is entirely possible to change your environment, or at the very least you can choose to change your perspective about your circumstance. It is purpose-driven: the purpose to create and contribute.

It is through our freedom of choice, what we choose to create and our ability to create that we can become more ourselves. Creation can be in form of words, pictures, songs, or simple day-to-day things like cooking, entertaining, or fashion. The beauty is that the output is an opportunity to present our best to each other and to appreciate our different expressions – to see each other and allow our spirits to come alive.

Inspiration = in-spirat-ion = in-spirit. Your spirit is life, it is the spark, it has no bounds. It is holistic in that it gives back as much as it takes; contribution and service are natural elements.

When you realize you already have the ability to create within your power at this very moment you create an epic shift toward the better: It is not about realizing your one single illusive purpose in life, it is really to live purposefully in life.

At the root of every story is a moral that touches our spirit from which inspired action is taken. Creativity is contribution – it seeks to see that which does not yet exist, and brings forth anew, contributing toward a legacy made available to others.

Within inspiration we find freedom; find your inspiration, find your freedom.

Author: Heather Young

Life Coach

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