What is Life Coaching Anyway?

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Somehow when I graduated I thought that would be the key to life. Like getting a degree would unlock the door of adulthood and it would be smooth sailing from there. Like life is hard, but not for people who finished their degree… Not for people like me.

I have never been more wrong.

 Think About It.

When you stand back and look at your life, is it where you want to be?

Probably not, and that’s ok.

Is it fulfilling?… desirable?… challenging?… credible?… fun? In short, are you happy?

Probably not. And that’s ok.

Do you have a circle of friends who are more successful than you and mentor you to do better or be better?

Probably not and that’s okay.

Did you know Life Coaching can help with all of these things?

No? Well that’s okay.

Life Coaching can help maximize your life experiences and help you reach your goals– professionally and personally.

“Life Experiences?”

Life coaching addresses specific personal objectives in one’s individual projects, business successes, life transitions, and professions by examining current circumstances, discovering what obstacles or challenges might be present, and choosing a course of action.

Challenges such as:

  • Stress Management and Balance • Spirituality and Personal Growth • Entrepreneurial and Small Business Development • Career Planning and Development • Motivation and Time Management • Creativity for Artists, Writers, Musicians and Performers • Finances and Budgeting • Health, Aging, Lifestyle and Self-Care

Get It?

All those times you wanted someone to talk to, to reassure you and to brainstorm with. All those times you wish someone was as excited about an idea as you were. Someone who “gets” your ambition and wants to see you succeed.

That’s what coaches do.

What happened to guidance and mentorship?

That’s what coaches do.

What happened to planning and leveling up?

That’s what coaches do.

The World is Changing – Are You Prepared?

The world is changing and the pace is quickening. You need a coach on your team to support you, encourage you, create community, and help you activate your potential. We are ready to help you succeed, find happiness, and feel the confidence you have earned.

Life is Everyday Choices.

Claim your free session today!

Author: Heather Young

Life Coach

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