Create Your Perfect Life in 4 Easy Steps


Feeling lost? Head up in the clouds? Not sure what to do with yourself? If you are feeling bored in life, feeling confused about what direction to go, or are feeling like you’re living your life someone else’s way, the best way to change is by taking the path of least resistance. Try this easy exercise to get you back in touch with your path and find your true North, courtesy of Patrick Williams and Diane Menendez. Let’s find out how:

Create Your Vision

Step 1. List the top ten things you love to do or have always done and LOVED. No hold’s bar here, folks, the sky is the limit. If you love playing Super Smash Brothers say that! If you have always woken up at 11:00 Sunday afternoon, write it down. Really try to focus on things that elicit big movement within your spirit.

Step 2. Identify the context of your “loves”. What happens before, during, and after each of your loves? Who are you around? What resources are essential? What are the characteristics or commonalities you notice? If you love running but when and where makes all the difference, take note. Get specific.

Step 3. Ask yourself “What are the essential features of the world I want to live in so that I can be at my best?” In other words, if you had your way, what would the world be like according to you? What would it taste like, what would it smell like, what would it sound like, what would it feel like? Again, get creative and get specific.

Step 4. Sum it up to Live it up! Looking at Step 1 through Step 3, write a quick 1 -2 sentences that express your vision of the world you want to live in. As Williams & Menendez note, this is your path of least resistance; your path to immediate, profoundly personal, incredibly engaging, heart-felt, spirit-felt actionable change.


You have just identified the world you want to live in and have an opportunity to see that your world reflects these elements as often and as completely as you would like. Re-create your Loves to start living the life you want each day. Hang this baby up somewhere where you can see it! Schedule time for your Loves – which shouldn’t be too hard because face it, you LOVE them!

Start filling your love tank up because the next step is finding your purpose and we’ll need a little gas to get you there.

Tweet to me, Instagram to me, Facebook me, Comment below – drop me a line to let me know what are your Loves.

*Williams, P., & Menendez, D. (2007). Becoming a professional life coach: Lessons from the Institute for Life Coach Training. New York: W.W. Norton & Co.

**Image found on

Author: Heather Young

Life Coach

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