A Quiet Moment


Today I wanted to share with you a quiet moment:

“And soon the green, wooded coast of the island was falling away behind them, and its little bays and headlands were beginning to look flatter, and the boat was rising and falling in the gentile swell. The sea began to grow bigger around them and, in the distance, blur, but close around the boat it was green and bubbly. Everything smelled salt and there was no noise except the swishing of water and the clop-clop of water against the sides and the splash of the oars and the jolting noise of the rowlocks. The sun grew hot.” C.S. Lewis. Prince Caspian, (1951).

When your days become busy and your mind is chaotic, return to this quiet moment and breathe deeply. You will return to a place of peace.


Author: Heather Young

Life Coach

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