To Each their Own: A Poem

i’m trying to write a statement of faith and it seems unripe

like trying to birth a baby that is not fully formed

i’m still expolring in so many ways

i’m still growing

still experiencing

its hard for me to declare a bold statement because so much in life is drawn out and fortified

i prefer to feel free and light and love

rather than guilt and damnation.

so much of life exists within someone else’s parameters

so much of love exists within boundaries

my faith is my ultimate freedom

it is my spiritual place of refuge where i escape into light and love and infinity

i am within everything and everywhere like the sun or like the breeze

i completely hesitate when declaring a religion or set of beliefs because i do not believe in dogma and cannon

i do not acknowledge heresy or diatribe

because i refuse to accept the bounds and constraints others have formed

as my own

therefore to each their own

my faith does not look like a cross-legged man or a long haired man or a many armed woman or a cross or a star or temple or mosque or church or pastor or collar or book or bible or scripture or mountains or deserts or whatever else

my faith doesn’t look like anything

but it feels like everything

it feels like the sun’s warmth and radiance made from pure love, joy, truth, light, and beauty

there is no room for ugly or malevolence or fear or anger

it is.

there are no forms or bounds

it is within all of us and connects us to eachother

it reminds us that we are all part of one sacred being and one collective life.

Author: Heather Young

Life Coach

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