A Poem for the Spring


The spring is time for celebration and rebirth of life.

It is the law of nature to re-create itself through duplication and evolution. 

Life curves back within and rises anew time and time again. 
Birds waken us to the dawn, flowers bloom brilliantly, wind touches the skin softly and aromatically, we rise from our hibernation ready to stretch and participate. 

This time of the year is compelling. 
If you spend time outside you can feel it and see it all around; it is everywhere. 
The vibrancy pulses through the air. 
Muscles are ready to reach and stretch. 
Bones are ready to stand strong. 
Feel the renewal. 
Feel the rebirth. 
Feel the energy in your skin. 
You are here and living as a part of the creation, you play an important role. 
Your roots run deep and will nourish your growth. 
With your thoughts you will sow your seeds, with your love you will make them grow, and with your hands you will harvest your abundance.  
A pine tree cannot be anything but a pine tree. 
A rose cannot be anything but a rose. 
Everything that you are within must be who you are in your actions.
Follow your inner guidance and your path is made clear. 
Let yourself shine. 
Let yourself give what you were meant to give. 
Curve back within yourself and arise renewed and with confidence. 
You are here for a reason, you are here to share your gifts and talents with the world. 
The world is awake and is waiting for you. 
What will you say? 
How will you bloom? 

Author: Heather Young

Life Coach

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