Manifesting and Cheap Tricks

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“Manifest your destiny”

“Law of Attraction”

“Think it to receive it”

We have all seen these phrases and there’s a significant number of people who chalk it up to cheap words, magic, and B.S.

TODAY I’d like to break it all down to de-mystify the idea of Manifesting and show you how and why it works.

Manifesting is merely the total alignment of the sub-conscious, the conscious, and the supra-conscious.

Conscious = present action and behavior

Sub-conscious = the thought under-tones and beliefs

Supra-conscious = values which support the essential being, spirit, or life force

There is no “magic” that makes manifesting work, but rather the consistency and clarity of thought in the thing being manifested. To manifest something then means the natural outcome of having behavior, beliefs, and values supporting each other and acting together.

Let’s use a real-world example: Losing weight.

This is what successfully manifesting weight loss looks like; notice that the beliefs and values are aligned completely with the action and the behavior:

Conscious = I’m going to eat a salad at lunch today.

Sub-conscious = Salads are healthy, clean, and satisfying foods.

Supra-conscious = Physical health is supports my essential being.

Now let’s compare this with the mentality of a yo-yo dieter:

Conscious = I’m on a diet; I have to eat a salad today.

Sub-conscious = Veggies are so yucky. I am restricted and confined.

Supra-conscious = The way something tastes is more important than the nutritional value.

Notice how the behavior is in misalignment with the desired behavior change. If you want to do anything, including losing weight, you absolutely cannot be successful in the long-term if you don’t really want to do what it takes to get there, or in other words, if there is misalignment in your desires and beliefs.

Consider the long-term impact of the supra-conscious thought:

[Physical health is important to my essential being] vs. [The way something tastes is more important than the nutritional value]

It’s no wonder the yo-yo dieter fails every time – they are concerned with the short-term objective of eating delicious foods which include sugar, salt, and fat. If this person instead focused on shifting their desires first, in this case that health is more important than sugar, they are way more likely to skip the Thursday donut parties. Or, even if they do indulge, it is a temporary indulgence because their long-term values are for physical health and supporting the essential self.

The simple fact is that in order for there to be lasting behavior change over the long-term, there needs to be an overall shift in the way that we believe things to be first.

So think about what you really want and WHY you want it. Really tease it out and dig in to the belief about why and how. Put on your toddler-hat and keep asking “Why?!” If you keep asking yourself why, you’ll eventually hit the root cause.

Another couple examples:

I desire more money. Thought track: money brings me personal value… money gives me options… options means I’m not worried about the basics… Root cause: money makes me feel secure.

I desire more friends. Thought track: friendships allow me to celebrate and have fun… friends validate behaviors and values… Root cause: My behaviors and values have worth.

If physical health is what I desire truly, I’ll naturally move toward things that support physical well-being and will gradually move away from things that don’t support that goal. It’s that simple. This is because my beliefs, my behavior, and my values are all the same.

The bottom line is: It has to get to the point where the thing you desire matters the most to you and is worth more than anything else you will sacrifice.

Happy Manifesting Y’all!


If this post resonates with you or if you would like individualized help in figuring out your root causes, give me a shout! I’m available by comment below, via email at, on Facebook or on Instagram.

Create the life you want, plan for the life you deserve, experience life today. Life is Everyday Choices.

Author: Heather Young

Life Coach

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