Muddy Reflections from Mudderella 2015


Reflections from Mudderella 2015

Whistler, BC

I just completed my first mud run this weekend in spectacular Whistler-Blackcomb resort with a few gal-pals of mine and it was amazing! So many exciting things happened that it’s hard to determine just exactly what my favorite part of this trip was:

– Met new friends
– Visited beautiful Vancouver BC for the first time
– Visited an incredible medical research facility and got to play with a centrifuge and liquid nitrogen
– Stayed in the middle of Whistler Village with Whistler’s finest nearby
– Danced the night away
– Kicked Blackcomb’s butt, as well as my own, in the Mudderella
– Saw a black bear cheer us Mudderellas on (from a safe distance)
– Ate delicious food
– Watched the Hawks take home their first win of the season
– Traveled down the spectacular and breathtaking Sea-to-Sky Highway
– Watched the Total Lunar Eclipse Super Blood Moon

How’s a gal supposed to choose?!?

During the weeks leading up to the Mudderella, I finished reading both Sheryl Sandberg’s “Lean In and Amy Poehler’s “Yes Please!” The overall takeaway I got from these books is that women are strong and they can show it. To say that I witnessed that sentiment all weekend would be an understatement.

Over six thousand adventurous women ran up that mountain, pushed their bodies and minds to the limit, and finished strong. Everyone showed each other heart-felt support and encouragement, and personified just how frickin’ awesome women can be. We were all freezing muddy messes at the end and I loved every grueling step.

Every one of the amazing women on my team was a complete badass – I was so inspired by all of them so get ready for a little spotlight:

-Jessi inspired me to push harder a little longer
-Laura brings a spirited fervor that is obvious in everything she does.
-Jess showed me that breathing was optional but willpower was not!
-Marlecia embodied all the strength and grace of a woman as she persistently pushed up that mountain with an injured foot.

Could I be more lucky?

Given the spirit of reflection, what I will keep doing, stop doing and start doing since this mega-awesome weekend get-away.

I’m going to keep working out, because all those hours in the gym paid off and I’m happy to report that my body performed very well throughout the entire challenging obstacle course.

I am going to start incorporating more opportunities to be physically challenged and I’m looking forward to jumping into more adventures because they make me feel ALIVE.

And I’m going to stop whining when I get uncomfortable, because like I learned Mudderella weekend, discomfort eventually ends but pride and a Bad-Mamma-Jamma attitude lasts a lot longer!

Champagne Supernovas for life!


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Author: Heather Young

Life Coach

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