The Positography Challenge 

Welcome to Positography!

Join the international positivity movement and take the Positography Challenge today.

Positography is a belief that we inherently care for each other. We are a people spreading positive messages of support and encouragement to our friends and family members in our communities because we believe in the revolutionary power of positivity and love.

It’s so simple: Post a selfie with your message of positivity and challenge three others to do the same. Together we are spreading the love one pic at a time.

Did you know Positography is an international movement?

Yep. And we want MORE people to join us!

Because, YES!

There has never been a human on Earth without their own collection of experiences in which they felt fear, pain, loneliness and sorrow. During these times, we look to receive messages of optimism and affirmation. That’s where Positography comes in.

Think about a time when you felt sad or a time when you wanted to celebrate – what did someone tell you? What did you need to hear? What information moved you?

Positography is a message of hope and is a call to action to dig deep and find your courage and show your resiliency in all its wonderful colors and forms.

No matter where you are from, no matter your background, no matter your religion, skin tone, gender identity, health or income level, today you have been challenged to find the truth in your story and to share that message of truth with others.

Find your voice and share it with others. Share how you were able to overcome. Share what you found in the darkness. Reach out to someone and remind him or her that they are not alone and we are all in this together.

It’s more than a selfie

The difference between a selfie and a Positography pic is the message.

The face behind the quote invites connection and validates our stories. It is a collective movement of action.

Join us in #Positography:

By posting your message of positivity and encouragement, we are increasing love in our community one simple picture at a time.  You may never know who needs to hear your message and you may never know how deep your message can touch a life.

You are not alone; your message matters. Together we are spreading love one pic at a time.

Author: Heather Young

Life Coach

5 thoughts on “The Positography Challenge 

  1. What a really good idea, maybe it could extend to videos of positive things happening? Maybe a YouTube channel of positive!
    I hope you don’t mind but I re-posted your post on my blog.

    1. Hey There TigerCoachingUK! Thanks so much for checking out the post. I’m excited that the message resonated with you – Are you accepting the Positography Challenge? I love the idea of having a YouTube channel, I’ll definitely look in to that today! We have an active Facebook and Instagram campaign! Thanks for reposting, maybe we could talk about guest blogging if you’re interested in that?

  2. I am working away from home at the moment with limited and intermittent connectivity, when I get back I will send in a positography picture!
    I am quite new to blogging so I assume guest blogging will be for each other’s blogs? If so that would be nice.

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