Positography at the Seattle Waterfront

Positography is as much a movement of bravery as it is a movement of positivity. While spending time at the Great Wheel on Seattle’s Waterfront, we had an opportunity to meet several incredibly resilient ladies and gentlemen who taught us much about life and happiness.

It’s not easy to talk to a stranger, let alone a pair of strangers with a camera and an existential question: Why is life worth living to you? What is your positive message you have to share with the world?  Though we were presenting heavy questions to unsuspecting passers-by, it was we who were truly surprised.

We weren’t ready to be blown away from the profound insight that came from our neighbors. We learned it is paramount to notice the life behind a smile. We were reminded to have faith. We learned doing things for other people is the key to life.  We learned that supportive friendships and family relationships heal deep wounds and help bring us out of dark places. We learned that similarities build bridges across geographic distances.

People reaching out and helping others make this world go around. Communities make living better. Positivity, support, and encouragement are fundamental to building a life worth living.  Thank you for opening up and sharing your truth. We are all in this together, we are spreading love and encouragement to each other one pic at a time.



Feel inspired? Want more #Positography? Participate today and take the #PositographyChallenge to your neighborhood!  It’s simple, here’s how: Post a selfie with your message of positivity, tag it #Positography, and challenge three others to do the same. Your message matters – you never know who needs to hear it. Be part of the international positivity movement that is changing lives and inspiring others.

Author: Heather Young

Life Coach

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