Miracle? Yes Please!

Friends, 2018 has been such an incredible year, or as it’s been come to be known in my house, a year of miracles.

You’ve probably picked up that I have a thing for expenses and how I spend my dollars, and for me I have to believe what I spend my resources must be with it. After a VERY SURPRISING end to 2017, more than anything I wanted to continue that momentum forward with a coach/mindset that would help me to learn effectively and apply those lessons. I’m working with Uniquely Savvy in the past, the “Living Your Vision of Success” workshop caught my eye due to Kim’s reputation as well as the glowing reviews. I took a chance on the investment, and decided I would really step up to the task.

We came together in January with ideas we would like to accomplish and also compiled a list of things that got in our way.

….Seriously, a year of miracles….

Not even half way in to the workshop I broke out in tears due to a massive revelation of what it means to finally give forgiveness. #Miracle1 I broke out in spontaneous tears in joy knowing that I had been forgiven and I had given forgiveness from people who mean so much to me. 😔

Somewhere in the second half of the workshop #Miracle2 happened and I realized why I was making myself smaller and thus blocking positive energy flow in to my life. ⁉️

Part of attending the 2018 living your vision of success was self-work, and part of it was working through the year with a cohort of others along their paths as well. Fast forward a few weeks and I was invited to follow up another event with a couple from the cohort. It was then when my (secret) journey to Christianity was confirmed and I knew that I wanted to become baptized #Miracle3. ✝️

Not only was I experiencing the miraculous in my own world, but I had been witnessing MIGHTY changes in my other companions as well. #Miracle4 Each quarterly check-in, as well as through social media posts my colleagues were holding space for some of the most challenging conversations a community can have #Miracle5. New health and wellness centers opened up #Miracle6. Students receiving some of the highest honors and acholarships available in the US #Miracle7. Hidden family traumas were brought to light for the first time which led to enormous feelings of release from shame #Miracle8. Families had reconnected in times of major change, each coming together to soar higher #Miracle9. ♾

…seriously a year of miracles….

I had another secret wish in my heart and that was to step up and become a woman worthy of the family and husband of my dreams. While still no rings, I feel like the person I am becoming is attracting the type of relationship and type of partner that I only thought was in the movies #Miracle10. The truth behind that is an enormous amount of self-work, while finding a partner who has done the same. Learning how to work together as a team has been magical. 💕

A year, let’s say 2018, has no inherent meaning; just another way to measure the passing of time. Yet what does matter is the things we do to make each day better, it’s the love that we build, and it is the people with whom we surround ourselves. Truly and without a doubt, I would recommend wholeheartedly participating and investing in your new year. Here’s an early cheers to you and all the #miracles that 2019 will bring for you and your loved ones. 🥂

Author: Heather Young

Life Coach

One thought on “Miracle? Yes Please!

  1. This is fantastic! It’s so important to take note of the miracles in our lives. Gratitude can truly flourish when we keep track of these miracles. I am so glad that 2018 was wonderful for you. In truth, it was for me too. Keep up the great work 😊

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