When you stand back and look at your life, is it where you want to be? Is it fulfilling?… desirable?… challenging?… credible?… fun? Are you happy? OR do you have an idea and need some direction or guidance on how to implement it effectively?

You’ve come to the right place.

My name is Heather Young. I work with people who are not satisfied with their lifestyles and help them in creating a life more aligned with their true self. Through values-based decisions, we leverage their everyday choices making life fun, positive, action-oriented and more intuitive.

I can relate to my clients as I too, have struggled in my past with insecurities and identity issues. Learning how to heal myself, and witnessing others heal themselves, taught me that people really are bigger than their circumstances. I believe we all have the potential to create and empower ourselves and that power comes from our everyday choices.

Everyday Choices can help maximize your experiences and help you reach your goals– professionally and personally.

Life coaching addresses specific personal objectives in one’s individual projects, business successes, life transitions, and professions.

How does it work?
• By teaching you how to get in touch with your core and show you how to make value-aligned decisions.
• By examining current circumstances, discovering roadblocks, and choosing an individually-tailored course of action.
• By helping to identify fear and pain and learn how to use it to your advantage.

Focusing on the following areas:
• Entrepreneurial and Small Business Development
• Career Planning and Development
• Fitness and Healthy Living
• Motivation and Time Management
• Stress Management and Balance
• Spirituality and Personal Growth

Whether through public speaking, group coaching, one-on-one coaching, or community events, I am here to see my clients win in big ways – both internally and externally. To see a glimpse of two important coaching activities, please check out the Frugal Females Challenge or #Positography – the International Positivity Movement.

Our stories play an important role in how we show up in life. At the same time, the world changes quickly. How can you be sure you’re “doing life right?” You need a coach on your team to encourage you and help you activate your potential.

Experience the life you want today. Life is Everyday Choices.

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