Resources & Guides

Setting Meaningful Goals

Nothing feels worse than not completing a resolution, missing a deadline, coming up short, or failing in general. This series of exercises is aimed toward teaching you how to set goals that are both meaningful and realistic. I’m asking you to be brave by being completely honest with yourself in your responses. Honesty is the key to attainability. The 1-2 combo of getting in touch with your desires and creating a plan of action is massively powerful – if you be honest and stick to your plan, your goals are totally doable! In the first part I will ask you to complete a series of questions that will get you in touch with your current life circumstances. The second part will move in to getting in touch with your dreams, passions, and creativity. Thirdly you will narrow down what you want to focus on, and finally you will create an action plan to hold yourself accountable and stay on track. Click here for the complete worksheet: Goal Setting.

LinkedIn How-To

In today’s job market, LinkedIn is viewed as the #1 professional networking website, boasting a subscriber base of over 300 million users in more than 200 countries world-wide and earning on average $95 million per quarter. It is the world’s largest platform for professional development, networking, and advertising which means LinkedIn is no longer a nice-to-have, it is necessary. In this guide I walk you through a few easy steps to get your LinkedIn profile up and running and teach you how to engage and optimize your profile for maximum impact. Click here: LinkedIn How To.

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